lookup value

  1. B

    Find value within a cell with multiple text separated by comma

    Hi, I have a column which contains several text separated by commas. I'm trying to see if it would be possible to have a formula which looks at the values in-between the commas and if that value is found on sheet 2 it will display its corresponding value from column two I don't even know if...
  2. Y

    Look up value and Return value of most recent date

    SKU STORE A A DATE STORE B B DATE 71011 1.87 2/21/21 1.69 10/7/21 71115 1.07 3/22/22 NA X FPF3 NA X 1.78 3/22/22 650876 6.34 9/21/21 6.08 10/8/21 503EZ NA X 9.00 3/22/22 72014 3.60 2/22/22 NA X 98823 NA X 5.05 2/21/22 PROBLEM: look up SKU and...
  3. I

    How can I calculate which column contains the last time entry for multiple rows?

    Hi, so I have a file very similar to this one. It is for work. Used to track clock in/out times from employees. I am trying to create a code to identify which employees are on the clock and which ones are not. I was doing a bunch of IF formulas nested but then I realized there could be more...
  4. P

    VLOOKUP Fails

    I've built a timesheet with 15-minute increments. Users enter their task and what project the task is part of, and a single project can have multiple tasks. All projects are in one column and all tasks are in a neighboring column. Total time is listed beside them. The range is D2:G166 (NOTE...
  5. jrn1392

    Need to return column heading of value in a row

    I have a table of days for various feelings. Ages are going down column A. In row 1, columns B through G are the feelings. For example: <tbody style="box-sizing: inherit; border: 0px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; vertical-align: top; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; text-size-adjust: none;">...
  6. J

    VLOOKUP w/ Wildcards in my LOOKUP VALUE.

    My lookup range consists of a table of chemicals. Below will consist of entirely examples (not real data): [SHEET 2] LOOKUP RANGE: named Table1 CHEMICAL SCORE chemicalA 46 chemicalB 55 Chemicalc 45 ChemicalD 45 [SHEET 1] My lookup value might sometimes have an extra space...
  7. M

    Vlookup Loop through Lookup value & range

    HI, i have a file containing 2 tabs . first file contains a list of items extracted from bills of material saved at second tab. I am trying to check where use of each item in the first tab (template) from second tab (Data). But as there is very large number of items in both tabs , its not...
  8. N

    Merging 2 datasets with vlookup to a higher or lower value?

    I have been struggling to find a formula that works for the example below (see question mark!). What i am trying to do is merge 2 datasets. The problem is that the common identifiers are not always exactly the same but quite similar nevertheless. I tried using the vlookup function making the...
  9. P

    Replace Header based on Max Value

    Hi I have the following problem. First Row is the Header <tbody> Name of Student Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Major Strand Name Student 1 1 2 3 3 Kinesthetic Student 2 3 4 2 4 Auditory Student 3 5 3 1 5 Visual </tbody> In the above table, I will be filling all columns upto Kinestheti...
  10. G

    Dynamic lookup value requires correct syntax

    Hi, I am trying to create a lookup that will get the parts with the highest chance of being used depending on the location. I figured out the formula in Excel, but I needed to convert into VBA. I used the recorder, but I need to add a variable to the formula, so the lookup value of my formula...
  11. M

    Returning value when multiple criteria are met.

    I have 2 spreadsheets where 1 has partial, already selected data from the other. I want to get the value of column G when 5 criteria are met. In other words. I need to to look at the 5 other columns in that row and find the same combination in the other spreadsheet and return the value. Its...
  12. S

    Search Column in one sheet for a specific format and output the found values to a column in another work sheet.

    So I have two worksheets. One with raw data imported from a .txt file and another that I plan to use to organize and pull the data I want. I would use Access but the formatting of the .txt file does not allow for easy importing. I am trying to search the Cells in Column Data!A:A for product...
  13. V

    find date interval and lookup value

    i have compile a table that would determine the value im looking for, please see below: A || B || C || D || E || F 1 || Start Date ||End Date || Debit Month 2 || 19-Apr || 15-May || MonthA 3 || 17-May || 19-Jun...
  14. Futile Crush

    Using VLOOKUP to find something that is greater than / less than the lookup value

    Hey guys, I need a bit of help. I'm trying to make a VLOOKUP which looks at the lookup value, then finds the value in a certain column of a table which is greater than or equal to that number, and returns a specified result within that row. My attempts have thus far been unsuccessful. Without...

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