loop folders filenames

  1. O

    VBA Loop process that looks in host .xlm file location not an absolute file location

    I need to create a macro that will allow me to summarize certain data from all .xls files located within the file location of the "summary" workbook. The names of the workbooks and the locations of the workbooks I need to summarize are all dynamic and change weekly. I don't know if the files I...
  2. P

    Save File with Date and Version Number

    So I have a Macro that is used to save backups of files. The intention is for it to save a new file with today's date and a version number. So if it is the first time it was backed up today the file name will have "_1" at the end of the date, the second time will be "_2" and so on. The macro...
  3. P

    Copy from multiple files in a folder to multiple files in a different folder with corresponding name.

    Hi there and thanks in advance for any help and tips. So I am new to VBA and have just started playing around with it about two weeks ago. I have been searching and haven't been able to find a solution for the problem I am hoping to solve. I have two folders. The name of the first folder is...
  4. T

    Excel VBA Code to combine multiple Excel files

    The following code opens a dialog box for the user to select files. I want it to determine which files to consolidate (using the loop). 'The following code will combine all data into one excel workbook. Sub CombineFiles_Step1() 'Declare Variables Dim WorkbookDestination As Workbook Dim...
  5. F

    Loop through Subfolders: Copy/Paste Cell Data

    Can someone get me pointed in the right direction on creating vba to loop through folders and subfolders to copy/paste data from a specific cell in multi-worksheet workbooks? The cell is in the same place in all workbooks and is a named range/cell (jobnumber). The workbooks have a standard...
  6. S

    Looping through folders

    I'm able to loop through all the files in a directory but what i need to do is loop through all the folders, within a folder and where that folder is called "Q2 2012" open the file within that folder and execute code. There are several Q2 2012 folders but are all at different levels within...
  7. F

    Help import txt files with names from 2 lists

    I have 3 types of files that I need to import. They are named item_blah1.txt, item_blah2.txt and item_blah3.txt. A list of the 50+ "item" are maintained in another text file. What is the best way to open each group of 3 item text files and import them as worksheets into a new workbook. Note...
  8. Y

    Error from Excel 2003 to 2007

    Hello, My company had been using 2003 when I created a very large macro looped through files checking each one to a certain criteria. Now that we have upgraded to 2007, it does not recognize at least the first part of the macro that sets up the loop. Could anyone tell me why it is not...
  9. C

    How to loop through xls files in dated folders

    each folder is named by date, for example a folder name may be 04-01-2008. Within each folder there is one xls file named daily.xls. (this never changes) In date order from the folder name, I need to open each daily.xls run my code, then close daily.xls and then open the next one etc until...
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