loop while

  1. C

    Range to be divided with dates

    Hey everyone, I have a range from D14 to j200 (will vary each month) with information regarding employees' productive time. This information has dates and check-in information at each door. I need to delete the first check in of the day at the entrance and the last check in of the day at the...
  2. A

    Do Loop -- Seems to be going in an Endless Loop

    If the Input Entry is a "C" or a "H" then True, otherwise all other entries are False. Even though I Type "C" or "c" it keeps going into a loop. Where am I going wrong? I even tried changing Do While phonetype <> "C" And phonetype <> "c" Dim phonetype As String Do While phonetype <> "C"...
  3. B

    Code near completion, runtime error

    Hello, I have a large column of UPC numbers I wish to identify. This code is designed to enter a search for UPCs at http://www.upcdatabase.com/itemform.asp. Then it copies the url of the search results page and pastes it in Excel 2007 next to its matching UPC. The end result should be a column...
  4. Default300

    ?Error 91 on: Loop While Not Range Is Nothing And Range.Address <> String

    Full Code can be posted if required. It is derived from an apparently functional Find / Find Next Do / Loop While routine that I found online. This is the close of the Loop. The Loop should be exited if either there are no more cells matching search criteria (first condition); or if the...

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