looping vba

  1. C

    Vlookup values in an array and store them in another array

    I´ve been struggling witht this for a while, please help... I want to store range("G7:G200") as arr1, then store range ("A7:C500") as arr2, also have a third array called arr3, then I need to vlookup all the values for arr1 in arr2 and store the results in arr3, then write arr3 in...
  2. L

    VBA - Need help/ideas on creating loop that simulates a MRP program such as SAP

    Hello, This is my first post, so please forgive me if I post any noob/dumb stuff with this post. I'm a bit stumped though with regard to writing this macro. The premise of the Macro is to simulate MRP within Excel. The first procedure is a simple calculation that takes the starting stock level...
  3. F

    VLOOKUP VBA looping multiple worksheets

    Thanks in advance for solving this. I've created a macro but it's returning an error. I have a two column list in my first sheet and I want VLOOKUP to go down the list. So for cell C1 sheet 2, I want it to lookup Cell A2 in sheet named "First". For cell C1 in sheet 3, I want it to lookup Cell...
  4. N

    vba macro to copy and transpose data in a column

    I am struggling to create/find vba code that can do the following: I have a worksheet with address information in column A like First Name, Last Name, phone number, email, title, physical address (each value occupying cells in column A, row by row). There are a varying amount of blank spaces...
  5. A

    Help to add a loop in e-mailing worksheets

    I have implemented the below VBA code to e-mail a single worksheet to the intended recipient (with Lotus Notes - ugh). However, it only will work on one sheet at a time. I would like to be able to select multiple sheets and have the macro run through all of them. I'm very new to VBA, but so...
  6. L

    Simplify Code by loopnig, possible?

    So my code is working great, but looking at my code I can't help but think that there must be an easier way to loop through the script so it isn't so repetitive. Any thoughts? Sub Macro1() Dim ActSheet As Worksheet Dim JUNCTION As String Dim BOC As String Dim Amount As String...
  7. R

    Use VBA to Identify Multiple Days in a Schedule.

    I have managed to write some vba using sumproduct to identify multiple instances of a day in a persons schedule ... following is the code: Sheets("Schedules").Activate Range("A" & jj).Select LastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, ActiveCell.Column).End(xlUp).Row Range("AF3").Formula =...
  8. R

    Loop through select rows and start at next column until empty column

    I have a macro that I need to loop through all of my data until there is an empty row or it hits row 9 (whichever comes first) in the first column and then start over in the next row until it reaches an empty cell in row 1. The reason that I can't have it just go through 9 is because I dont want...
  9. M

    Loop through a worksheet and populate data into another worksheet if criteria is met

    Hi There! I have Sheet1 in workbook "DATA.xlsx" that has data. I.E. column1 column2 567 John 567 May 123 Kate 567 Larry 456 Bill I would like Sheet1 in ANOTHER workbook "SUMMARY.xlsx" to list all of the people who meet the number criteria I type in...
  10. A

    Stringconcat (Chip Pearson) UDF loops 10 times during Sub execution making everything slow

    Hi, I have a workbook where one sheet uses information on 2 hidden sheets 1. for drop down dynamic range references; and 2. for lookup references I am working on a template workbook where the main sheet has headings in Row 1 (A to AE and in hidden helper columns BA to BE). Rows 2 to 5 are...

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