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    Cell must have number before it is counted

    Hi All, I have lotto numbers totaled in A9-Lotto, A10-Bonus Ball, and A11-Power Ball. If cell A9 has 3, A10 has 1, A11 has 1 a total of 5. This would give me a prize of Power Ball 6 if counted as each cell, Because the total is 5 it could also be Power Ball 5 as that would be 4 Lotto and 1 Power...
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    Lotto Formula

    My name is Maurice, Can you help me please. I am in New Zealand and I have these numbers on the below that I take each week in our country lottery. I have a conditional formula that highlights the winning numbers by colour from results in A1 to F1 for the first 6 numbers then bonus number in G1...
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    Help with Lotto Analysis

    Hi-- I have a list of all winning lotto numbers, along with the days they were picked. I'd like to see how many total times each number (1-39) has hit on a given day of the week (Sun-Sat.) Here's my sample data: <!doctype html> <html lang="en"> <b>Excel 2013/2016</b><table...
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    Generate random lotto numbers in groups

    Hi all, Can anyone help me please: I am trying to generate random lotto in 8 groups of 8 rows each. The aim is to have 8 groups with the following criteria. numbers appears only once per group; if 16 & 27 appears together in the same row in group 1, it does not appear together again in any...
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    Office Pool recordinh spreadsheet

    My office just started to do the lottery / powerball I was assigned to keep record of all tickets. All I want is to enter all 5 numbers + 1 powerball# then use to compare all the numbers on the list. <tbody> a b c d e f g h i j k Name Ball Ball Ball Ball Ball Ball Power Match? Match...
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    Lottery Results Check - Please Help :)

    Hello, wondering if anyone can help have been stuck at this for a few hours and is doing my brain in :) Ive got some lottery numbers I'm starting to use on a regular basis but noticed on the web I could get a copy of previous results and thought it would be good to see if they had come up in...
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    Determine if a set of numbers have been picked before...Loto

    Spreadsheet setup: Sheet1 will contain all drawings in following format A B C D E F G 1 05 10 15 16 20 09 1/1/2010 2 03 07 22 34 42 03 1/2/2010 3 11 16 21 22 27 41 1/3/2010 Then on Sheet 2, A1:F1 will contain numbers to check for in Sheet1. F1 (power ball) would only be checked against F...
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    Lotto number groups and predictions?

    Hey Guys; I have just been messing around with excel and wondered if it was possible to build a lotto number prediction spreadsheet? Times between groupings and regularity that certain numbers will draw over "lets say" 200 draws... I understand the odds are stacked against any truly accurate...
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    Is it possible???

    I have 6 columns of numbers and I want to generate a random number in each column, but I want to restrict each column to a set range of numbers. Think of it like a lottery with total numbers 1-39, but since only certain numbers are the most likely to come up (say in column 1 only numbers 1-10...

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