1. jevi

    If a cell contains certain word.

    Hi All, I'm trying to do this formul but is not working. =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("*LR 10*";A2));"M01";B2) so in column A2 I have the long desription of the loan and I want to find the ones that contain "LR 10", and if this is true to put in cell C2 "M01" otherwise the value that is in cell B2...
  2. D

    Finding a value within a named range and returning that named range to another cell

    I have ~150 sets of data like this, going across and down the page. They are drivers job runs named M01, M02 etc and under them are the site numbers/names. Each set of data is a named ranged, called M01, M02, M03 etc. What I need is on another worksheet, to lookup the site number (e.g. 9811...

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