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    Macro to Pull in select tabs from many files into one master

    Hi All, I am not only very new to this forum but also to excel macros. Pretty much what I am trying to do is write a macro that will pull two tabs labeled "XXXXMarch" "XXXXPTD" (the x's represent numbers) from each file within a designated folder and copy them into a master file. Can anyone help...
  2. S

    Finding Duplicate Values

    Okay ! I got a two huge separate excel sheets. One has values upto 90k (Sheet 1) and other has 7k (Sheet 2) Now I want to find the duplicate value in sheet 2 present in sheet 1 and have a all unique values to be present in sheet three It be some what like this <TBODY> Sheet 1</SPAN> Sheet...
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    Vba to pull file from sharepoint

    Hello I have written a macro that when run, it opens a local documents folder and lets you select any number of files, the files are then copied and pasted into the original sheet. Now I am trying to pull files from an online sharepoint using the same macro. I am having trouble referencing the...
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    Replacing Application.FileSearch command for Excel 2010

    I have this in a Macro Dim oSearch As FileSearch Set oSearch = Application.FileSearch With oSearch .NewSearch .LookIn = strDirName .SearchSubFolders = False ' For example, to search for text files change this line to: ' .FileName "*.txt" .Filename =...

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