macro - append rows

  1. S

    Extract data from multiple excel files' specific cells and make a new structured output file

    Hi, I have 1000s of .xlsx files where data is not in tabular format. Instead data are in a form structure. There are some merged cells as well. All files' format and sheet name are same. I would like to fetch those data from those excel files' specific cells and paste in a new file under...
  2. L

    Macro for Formula with Reference Cell

    I’m creating a macro so I can click and drag down a formula X rows. The formula contains reference cells in another excel file that automatically increment. This is what I want. When I run the macro, the cells keep incrementing past what the original formula increments to. How do I repeat...
  3. B

    Need program to move to insert row

    Hey new to macros. My issue, I want my macro to loop through a number of cells on sheet1 and then transfer the entries into specific cells onto sheet2. On sheet2 column A, I want specific headings to be printed based on whether or not the values in sheetA1 are different. Visual aid: Sheet 1...
  4. K

    Macro for add row and date information Help!

    SO I have a weird question and I am terrible at Macros. Basically I need a macro that can take a row from this data below, see how many of the day of the week (Meetdaysdisplay) are between the two dates (MeetStartDate and MeetEndDate), add a row and the other information in the initial row for...
  5. N

    Extract certain no of rows based on different scenarios and conditions.

    Hi, I have a File with no. of rows that change everyday, In file, I have data until column z, columnX is decision column which contains 4 values" Venice, Paris, Newyork and Italy" I need a macro to extract 27 rows to a new sheet named verification based on 2 scenarios 1, If Venice and Paris...
  6. H

    VBA & Macro duplicating rows

    Hello guys, I'm new to macros and I need something for work which has been doing my head in, I can't figure it out. I have a sheet with 1500 entries/rows. The column S contains frequency for each entry (monthly, quarterly, weekly...). I need a macro that will check the column S and if it sees...
  7. L

    Faster way to filtering arabic/rows with arabic in excel

    dear mrexcel developers and coders. good day! I am filtering an excel file to take out the rows that have Arabic words. I am just a beginner. could you explain further how I can run this code in excel? Source Thread: deleting only arabic letters Or maybe you also have other suggestions...
  8. M

    Use a Macro to format report to reduce number of lines used

    Hi, I have quite a large report where a lot of the data is represented in rows and duplicated. The report has 17 columns and ~5100 rows. Within these columns only a couple has data that is different to the row above. I want to be able to reduce the number of rows used in the report and where...
  9. F

    Sorting Row-Paired Data (Macro?)

    Hello All, I've got a very large data set (setup layout below), which I am trying to sort without disrupting the adjacent column references... Column "A" has the headers, while columns B+ have successive months worth of data (e.g. Jan, Feb, Mar, etc), however, the data is being sourced from two...
  10. S

    Macro to update spreadsheet from cover sheet

    Hi, I'm looking for assistance on the attached workbook. The objectives are listed below and the requirements too. Sheet 2 = Form Sheet 1 = Code List Sheet 2 has 4 boxes to input data from Sheet 1. The top 2 boxes work as required. The bottom 2 boxes are for adding or removing data. I...
  11. R

    VBA or Conditional Formatting to Insert a new row of data base on cell value.

    Hey y'all. I've been scouring the internet to piece together codes that would be able to accomplish the task at hand. I currently have a worksheet that has the names of clients (a), when their next meeting is (b), and was the meeting completed? (c). I'm trying to make it so, once a meeting...
  12. K

    Macro button to append data to another work sheet

    I have a spread sheet that contains 2 worksheets. the first worksheet labeled "information" and the second one labeled "updated list" when the user enters data in the "information" worksheet in column A1 and B1 I want the data to be added to the "updated list" worksheet cell Al and B1.
  13. J

    Append rows from 1 wb to bottom of another wb based on column values

    I've used this site many times for tips so thank you, but never posted a direct question. I'm an excel hack and I can do this task with a few 'hacky' clicks but I now have to put it into a macro for an 'end user'. 2 open workbooks: Daily Despatch Report & Ready to Invoice I need to copy all the...

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