macro auto run issue

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    Macro to hide/unhide rows based on formula result

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so apologize in advance if I'm screwing up any protocols. I have a spreadsheet whereby I'm trying to hide/unhide rows based on a formula result. The formula is an If statement that looks at a number of fields and provides either a "YES" or "NO" result. The macro was...
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    Complicated Macro Question

    Hi all, I have a very complicated (at least for me) question for anyone who's up for a challenge. Thank you in advance for your patience during this long explanation. I frequently download spreadsheets of data from Google AdWords and format the tables to send to clients. For those unfamiliar...
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    Worksheet_Change event issue. Fundamental problem?

    Below is my code... I recorded a macro which works fine and does what I want if I click run macro, but then I tried making it execute after a change is made to the active sheet and I get an error: "Compile error: Ambiguous name detected: Worksheet_Change" I think that I am doing something...

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