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    [Help] Autofill formula then copy-paste-value in a same range

    Hi! I hvae this code: With Sheets("Database") Dim LastRow As Long LastRow = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row With Range("I15") .FormulaR1C1 = "=(RC[-4]+RC[-2])-RC[-1]" .AutoFill Destination:=Range("I15:I" & LastRow) End With With Range("L15") .FormulaR1C1 =...
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    Vba - auto update date

    Hi all, This is my first time posting on here on this forum. I am completely new to VBA and Macros but have done a bit of reading on forums across the web but am still struggling with figuring out all the VBA verbiage. I am looking to write a code that will auto update the cell in column A...
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    How can I build a macro to auto detect number of rows?

    I am new to excel programming and macros...I am trying to create a macro that will extract data in certain fields and cells, into another sheet. Right now, my approach has been using the recorder functionality to record the steps required to carry out the task. However, I have run into a...
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    Beginner macro user - Autofill macro required

    Hi everyone, I am using Excel 2007. I don't have any programming experience and I have managed to create a macro that will do autofill once (with numerical increments of one). But now I need a macro that will: Autofill series in increments of one Work in a single column - with unknown number...
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    Macro to select Accept in Web form

    Good Afternoon, I have made a macro that opens and copies the below web address below into Excel. However I have hit a problem in that you need to tick accept on the two boxes and then select accept down at the bottom of the page before the correct data is uploaded and the data can be copied...

    vb to check one sheet against another and copy a field from the third.

    ok lemme Try and explain this. sheet1 has a formatted layout. cell colour functions and so forth. sheet2 has the data table. sorted according to column "A" sheet3 has a blank formatted "template" for data on sheet1 say for argument sake. sheet1 has 190 "pages" of these formatted layouts. each...
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    Capture data from close workbook

    Dear Sirs, I need to create a code to capture information from a DATABASE.file (closed Workbook) and Sum or Count, based on a several criterias, in the Dashboard.file (Active Workbook). See described below the initial Code. How to count the numbers of non blanks rows from the DATABASE.file...
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    Macro Help-Autofill Issue?

    I have two columns, one with text (col a) and one with a date stored as text (col b). The code below creates a new column (col c) where it places the text from col a and the "date" from col b together seperated by two dashes, "--". The problem i have is the data set i'm using will not always...
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    Macro code to circle items when checkbox is checked.

    I have several worksheets with pricing and checkboxes that when checked total the costs up automatically. I have a code that adds the checkboxes for me automatcally and also links them to the proper cell for the true and false at the same time. I've added conditional formatting to make the price...
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    VBA Formula Autofill

    Hello - I am currently trying to run a macro and I need a formula autofilled to the end of my data set and the data set will be a different length each time. I'm trying to enter a formula in cell P2 and I want it to copy down all the way until the data ends. Here's what I've tried: Dim...

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