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    Custom Toolbars and Add-Ins WITHOUT VBA or XML in 2007

    I have only very VERY basic knowledge of VBA, and none of XML. I had a custom toolbar in Excel 2003, with button images I'd created myself, linked to macros I'd created. I'm trying to achieve this in 2007. I've successfully got my macros into my 2007 "PERSONAL.XLSB" workbook (by simply copying...
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    Macro Button

    I have a worksheet with two tabs. Tab1 has a macrobutton that runs a macro off of the data from Tab2. I recently created another macro within Tab2 and added a second button back on Tab1 however i dont know how to update the code so that my second macro runs off the data in Tab2 and not in...
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    Macro Button on Diff WS

    Fairly new to macros and I was how I would go about having a web query (that is executed by a button) execute on a separate worksheet than the active sheet it is on. This is a brief summary of what I am doing: I have about a dozen worksheets that are formatted for a specific web query. On...

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