macro formula

  1. X

    Update formula Col reference Macro

    Is there a way to use a macro to update a column a sum if or vlookup formula is pulling data from. Ex for a vlookup I have 12 mos of budget data in columns. In Feb I am pulling data from the 8th Col in the table. I'd like to run a macro that would update that number by 1 to pull Col 9 next month...
  2. W

    Please help me out with a Excel formula

    I'm developing a testing platform. I'm struggling to come up with a formula in Excel for the following tasks Add Pass/Fail/Advisory dropdown list. When Fail/Advisory selected from the dropdown list. The user will have to write a few lines about the outcome results. Then all the results then...
  3. F

    correctly formula in vba

    Hi, I have formula: ws_22.Range("N73:N" & row_to_del).Formula = "=SUM(I73:M73)" How to add "row_to_del" to function SUM? ws_22.Range("I100:M100").Formula = "=SUM(I73:I & row_to_del)" 'its wrong I tried also "=SUM(I73:I """& row_to_del""")" but also is wrong.
  4. H

    Excel Formulas in VBA Editor

    Hello, I'm trying to automatize a report. I have several huge formulas that I would like to embed into the VBA editor. Can anyone help? This is the formula I want the Macro to enter: <tbody> IFERROR(IF(IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A:A,'Q1186 Warehouse Order Roundup'!A:S,MATCH("SHIP_STATUS",'Q1186...
  5. D

    basic macro help

    hi all i created a macro to run off of some filtered data, and copied a formula down, but when the data gets updated the now filtered rows do not match where i had copied the formula, so the formula is on rows that i do not want and is returning n/a's. is it possible to write a code that will...
  6. S

    Macro help required for getting data from multiple excel files.

    Dear All, I have 1000s of same structure excel files in a folder. I want to extract some common details to one single excel file. Ex. in excel file book1.xls, page a1 relates to name of customer 1, a2 relates to his address, a3 relates his contact number. etc.. As well as in book 2.xls, page...
  7. S

    Help Programming a Macro

    I have a macro that is no longer working. The odd thing is, everything about the report (except the raw data) and the macro has not changed since its original creation. I'm assuming that an update either in excel or our database system is causing the macro to not perform properly...
  8. M

    Formula writing in macro

    Can anyone tell me how I can get a macro to perform the following calculation please? I have absolutely no VBA knowledge, so don't know what on earth to type in!!! F14=(1+(F11*F12/12))*F9/F12 Also, how do I get it to check that all of the other cells are present and correct? Presume if one's...
  9. E

    open multiple files as defined on sheet?

    hi guys. kindly need your generous assistance for creating macro to open multiple files on particular folder. Whereas the file names should be opened are defined first on a worksheet. Then, i want to combine/merge the content of each file (all in sheet1) on different single sheet as summary. Is...
  10. S

    How to create a simple alternate line skipping macro in excel

    I've done a handful of macros in excel before, but it's been awhile and I'm kind of blanking. I'm essentially looking to have a macro that will insert a blank row between each other row (a list of names with information, and I want there to be spaces between). Then I want it to stop when it...
  11. S

    Need a macro

    I have two lists, both on separate sheets. They both contain ID numbers, but with different data in them. I want to know if there is a way to create a macro that will look up the id number in sheet 1, see if there is a matching one in sheet 2, if there is leave it alone. If there isn't I want it...

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