macro from cell

  1. C

    Run a specific Macro in response a specific Cell value change.

    Hi All, I am having a problem with getting a specific Macro to run when the text in a cell is changed to a corresponding value. What I would like is for a Macro to be ran on one worksheet (Report) when the value of a cell (A1) on another worksheet (CaseSelect) is changed. The value of the...
  2. amitcohen

    Macro intiated from a cell, how to improve the code for not getting an error

    Hi Guys I'm using the following code to start a little macro that when clicking on a cell, it will populate the value in another cell. The problem I'm facing is that I need over 1200 cells with this code (it's divided to 3 columns, 400 cells in a column) And while creating a code for each and...

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