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    Cant use Filter or Hide/ Unhide rows after Applying Macro

    Hi I am trying to write a simple macro to make repetitive task much easier. Issue I have is that when I run the Macro I cant use the filters or hide/ unhide features. I don't have this issue prior to running the Macro. The spread sheet itself if Password protected but I thought I had written...
  2. M

    Hide rows in multiple worksheets based on a condition using a macro in vba

    Hi, I would like to create a macro for the following scenario, (I have used the worksheet names as per how they are in my workbook): I would like to hide rows in column A with the word 'No' in, I need this to link to these 3 worksheets: 1st fit, 2nd fit, 3rd fit. There are other worksheets...
  3. D

    Macro to export selected tabs as CSV and PDF?

    Hello. Is there a macro I can create which will allow me to convert 9 of the tabs in a document to both a CSV copy and a PDF copy (separately)? 18 new files in total. Also, can I tie the new file names to the tab names somehow? THANKS!
  4. A

    If macro

    I have a macro (macro1) that needs be dynamic depending on a 2 cells values. I need code for the the following logic Run Macro 1 but IF cell A1 = YES then RUN Macro1+ Macro2 but IF cell A1=YES & A2=YES then run Macro1+Macro3
  5. L

    Macro to Copy and paste values in a specified column to a column in another worksheet

    Hi, i have a "payroll sheet" which have a cell (say D2)containing the week#. There is data in a certain column let say "C" which i want to copy to my "Consolidated sheet". I am looking for a macro which can copy the values in column C in payroll sheet to the appropriate column in the...
  6. N

    Help! Collating with VBA (I think?)

    Hi, I need to reformat some data I received before I can put it into my statistical software. This programming stuff is all pretty new to me, so any input broken down as simply as possible would be greatly appreciated. I have data on every student that was enrolled at my school for each...

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