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    Multiple Attachments on Excel Mail Loop. Only Want One Attachment. Help!

    Hello there! I have created a macro which will create a draft email and save it, with an attachment, in a specified folder. This has been looped in order to recreate this process a few hundered times if necessary. The macro works well with the first email however when it goes to attach the...
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    Help to run a macro when a specific text enter in a cell through another macro

    Hello Kings of macros !!! I am new in macro and need your help to complete my project. I have an excel sheet in which some data entered by a form through macro (excel form in sheet 1 and data entered in sheet 2). In the form i have a field which ask users to send email to user with "Yes" or...
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    objMailItem options

    I've been using an inherited excel macro to generate a email using objMailItem and have worked out the basics, but am struggling to put in place some changes that will allow the macro to do things a little better. Currently I have the following : With objMailItem .To = tolist .Cc = cclist...

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