macro name change

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    Name of Macro in Project doesn't match the name of marco when I click the macro list from the tool bar

    I have macro's that Run other macros. I deleted one that I didn't think I needed anymore. Surprise! I added it back in the project and named it exactly the same but the other macros no longer recognize it. I think I read before that when you rename a macro it for convience and that excel still...
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    Changing a Sub Procedure Name After the Fact

    Hello, I just renamed a sub procedure in a VB macro from "Sub DropDowns()" to "Sub ProbeSelect()". The macro is written to control a series of Form Control Combo Boxes (hence the name DropDowns) that were embedded in the worksheet (not on a Userform) but I changed a few of the Combo Boxes to...
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    Macro ran yesterday doesn't run today

    I have a file, that has some sheets that are protected at times and are open at other times (depends on who needs to use them). In it, there are two macros used to make the reports contained in the file update show current activity. The file is one of thirty that are set up the same way. All...

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