1. M

    Edit Recorded Macro script to a Dynmaic Range

    Hi there I'm trying to create a Dynamic Range within a recorded Macro by editing the VBA that's already there. I've searched around but none of the tutorials seem to fit my needs. Am confused as to whether I need an 'offset' or DIM or End(xlUp) function and how to use it. I simply need to...
  2. pedie

    The VBA is not working in my excel..please take a look..thank you.

    ;)Sub OpenFolderRequest() YesNo = MsgBox("Would you like to open the folder to see" _ & vbCr & "which files are currently there?", vbYesNo + vbQuestion, "Open Folder?") Select Case YesNo Case vbYes myval = Shell("C:\Documents and Settings\pedie\Desktop\Startup c:winnt", 1) Case vbNo End Select...

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