1. K

    chm Help file for User-Defined Function

    I manage to display the chm help file to an User-Defined Function by clicking on the "Help on this function" in Insert Function dialog box. This was possible only when the my file is xlsm. After I saved the xlsm file as an xlam file (an addin) and installed the addin. The help file can be...
  2. P

    Excel 2010 and MacroOptions - does this actually work?

    I am a very experienced VBA and Excel programmer. I have been using Excel 2003 and have an extensive add-in library, that I use Lorent Longre's free UDFCustomize.dll to automatically load a custom function category and provide the links to Help. My add-in functions look like and behave like any...
  3. W

    Functions and their category

    Hello all Does anyone know a way to loop through the different categories of functions? You know, Financial, Date & Time, Math & Trig, Statistical, Engineering, ... Can you read out the the category to which a function belongs? Thanks in advance,

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