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    Changing the subtitles stops VBA working and form printing

    Hi, I already have a sheet set up with an embedded form that pulls data from the spreadsheet and prints using a button programmed to print each numbered entry. A second button also saves a pdf copy to the system. However I need to change the subtitles in the spreadsheet and form as they have...
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    Extracting Alt Enter data by Creating rows underneath using macros

    Hello All, Ok so here is my data set -- removed inline image --- Top is what I have, bottom is what I need. Is there a Maccro way to do this? I tried using text to columns using the Alt H command to bring the data out, then indexing it down and that works for doing it 1 row at a time, but...
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    Excel applications in SharePoint

    Hi All, I have created an excel application which analyses some data held in SharePoint via a SharePoint list. It then creates an excel export and closes the initial workbook. I have tried uploading this to SharePoint for use however this causes no end of errors which did not occur when i...
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    Autofilter method of range class failed

    Hi, I am trying to write a macro which takes data input into a userform and runs various autofilters based on this. A particular part of my code is triggering a Autofilter method of range class failed. The code is If RB1_chk.Value = True Or RB2_chk.Value = True Then WSE.Activate...
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    Pivot tables - multiple consolidation ranges

    Hi, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> I’m having issues with a pivot chart which has source data from multiple consolidation ranges. I have 4 sheets with data in them, 5 columns in total (A:E), all 4 sheets have exactly the same format...
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    adding question numbers

    Hi, I have a macro which produces a worksheet of specific questions according to what criteria a user choses on a userform. It then copies this data into a new tab. There are 3 columns, Question Number, Question and Evidence. My problem is that because the data copied is a mere extract of a...
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    Is it possible for a macro to search for a phrase and export if true?

    Hi, I have a large sheet which tracks initiatives. I would like to write some code so that a user can click on a button which opens a search box, they can then enter a phrase. What the macro will do is search the data (Columns A-AA) and where it finds a match in text to the phrase it exports...
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    always turn on macro's

    Hi, Is there a way to always turn on the macro, even if you push the (left) button to turn off the macro's? Regards, Bengtar

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