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    VBA - Updating Sheets and Sending Email to Multiple Recipients

    I am hoping for some help on this one. Looking for a VBA wizard to direct me . I have an email list where the Name/Address/Birthday/Todays Date is noted. On sheet2 I have a generic message. I need to send an email to all of the people on the list with the generic message as a PDF. This part is...
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    Re-arrange data set for mailing list

    Hi appreciate if you could assist: Current data set <tbody> Branch Account Number Customer Number Customer Name Class 2000 12345 101 JOE A 2000 34590 101 JOE A 2000 23581 312 PETER A 2000 32510 511 HARRY A 2000 36711 511 HARRY A 2000 15231 511 HARRY A 2000 52315 789 PAUL A...
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    how to copy rows (& auto update) to another (existing) worksheet based on criteria

    Hi All! Here's what I'm hoping some of you wizards can help me with: My Boss' wife has a mailing list in Excel which exceeds 500 entries. The Master list contains all the addresses. Columns 9 - 13 have designations of x, g, c, j, and p. If the person gets a mailing for Christmas, an "x" is...
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    Concatenate function with if statement for creating mailing list salutations

    Hi, I work for an organization that has just changed our CRM. Our previous CRM database allowed for us to save salutations for the purposes of creating mailing lists. The new database doesn't have that feature for exported mailing lists, so I am trying to recreate it with the Concatenate...
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    Mail Merge Using Multiple Tables in Excel

    Excel 2010 & Word 2010 Hello, I need to complete a mail merge of 150 tables in Word. This is a painstakingly slow process. Is there a way to select multiple tables so I can complete the mail merge at once rather than having to complete each mail merge separately. After each mail merge, i have...
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    Create outlook email from excel email list with one criteria with subject matter and body of email

    Hi Everyone, I have emails in column C and the criteria in column D would be a "Yes". So I want to email everyone in column C when there's a Yes in column D in one big email. Also I'd like the subject to be in cell D1 and the body of the email in D2. Doable? Thanks, Michael
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    Is there a way to use an "exclude" list to clean up another list?

    Hello. I have tried researching this, but am having no luck. I am using Microsoft Excel 2003 SP2, and we have a large mailing list purchased through Salesgenie. Unfortunately, some (or all) of our existing customers are also on that list, and there are certainly far too many to attempt to go...

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