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    Make Table Query Freezing after first successful run

    Hello, I have a make table query that uses 5 tables and one query. I have an issue with one of the source tables for this make table query. The query freezes when attempting to run it. The only way to fix it, is to go into design view, delete the source table (only has 2 fields in it) and then...
  2. L

    Access make table query adding data

    Excel 2007: My query makes a table. It is changing the data in one column in the table. It's adding <div><font face=Arial> to the beginning and end of every records data. Is there a way to stop this?
  3. R

    Make table from Cross tab with Parameter Fails

    All, Access 2007 SP2 Using a make table query based on a cross tab query to create/populate a table. The cross tab is based on a couple of other select queries which use form references to get parameter information. The cross tab itself with defined parameters works. The added dynamic...

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