match cell

  1. A

    Loop through all sheets, use mid function and compare the result if same in all sheets

    I'm trying to use the following two codes I found to work as one task but only the first part works for me. What I'm trying to do is go through all sheets except the one named "WORKDONE" and use mid function to extract some digits from a specific cell to cell I6. That works ok. The problem comes...
  2. I

    VBA code to paste adjacent cell only when cell pasted to is empty

    Hello. I have this code that compares two columns between two sheets. It matches the values in column J in “Ships” with column M in “Main”. It copies the value 10 cells to the right from sheet “Ships” and pastes it in the 3rd cell to the right on “Main” sheet. However, I need it to only paste it...
  3. J

    Matching, sum and return a value

    Hello! I have just started a new job and trying to get a handle on some new data and techniques, and I could use some help! I need to be able to match a project number in one excel sheet, to another, and return a sum of 2 cells relating to the project number to the original sheet. Basically...
  4. D

    Need list of cell #s to match Cell content

    I cannot figure out how to make a proper formula for this issue.... In Columns A-M, I have of various numbers and text. In Column N I have a list of unordered cell numbers (B20, E12, L60, etc.). I want to make a formula for column O that will display the data associated with each of those cell...
  5. E

    help plz this should be fast and easy for you!!!

    ok i have a sheet that looks like this and all i want it to do is this... <tbody> frist date of birth email jan. feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec eric 1/30/1986 *read note* bob 2/15/1990 *read note </tbody> ok in cell...
  6. E

    How to match a cell value only if value is positive?

    Hello, What formula can I use to match B1 value with A1 only if A1 is positive? In other words: B1 equals A1 if A1>0 otherwise = 0 B2 equals A1 if A1<0 otherwise = 0 Thank you
  7. S

    help please with matching cells in a LOOP

    Hello Forum I am trying to loop through a doc. I want to test/match every item in the column against the first item, then loop and then test/match every item against the second item...and so on... and so on. I can successfully go through one column all the way to the end testing every item...
  8. M

    Need formula that links cell names with corresponding file name in folder

    I have an excel workbook which contains info on all credit notes we issue a month, the colunms are: Date, Credit Note No., Relating invoice, Amount, Reason and Account. I also have a folder (C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\Credit Notes) which contains all the credit notes in pdf format...
  9. K

    showing values in increasing order

    I am using =INDEX($A$1:$R$1,MATCH(MIN(A7:R7),A7:R7,0)) to find the minumum number in the array. How do I display the value one position greater? I need to order the numbers and titles in increasing order. also any way to ignore the 0 vakues in the cell in the MIN function?
  10. M

    Search for range for sumif

    This is a complicated SUMIF that I am struggling with, I am trying to search for the term "TOTAL" in a worksheet (e.g. E14, E25, E36, E41 all have TOTAL), that will then give me the addresses of all these cells as a range for another formula within the same cell. Using this range, I then want to...
  11. O

    Excel VBA find, match and append worksheet values?

    On May 11th, 2008, 06:38 PM, MrExcelMVP "Fazza" provided an excellent code in response to a request by "gravy679" titled "Match and replace cell from another sheet": Sub test() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim cel As Range For...
  12. D

    Insert Cells / match columns

    Is there a way i can automatically insert cells to match the columns contents. below is what I'm try to achieve. hope you can help!...

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