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    Matching, sum and return a value

    Hello! I have just started a new job and trying to get a handle on some new data and techniques, and I could use some help! I need to be able to match a project number in one excel sheet, to another, and return a sum of 2 cells relating to the project number to the original sheet. Basically...
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    Need list of cell #s to match Cell content

    I cannot figure out how to make a proper formula for this issue.... In Columns A-M, I have of various numbers and text. In Column N I have a list of unordered cell numbers (B20, E12, L60, etc.). I want to make a formula for column O that will display the data associated with each of those cell...
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    help plz this should be fast and easy for you!!!

    ok i have a sheet that looks like this and all i want it to do is this... <tbody> frist date of birth email jan. feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec eric 1/30/1986 *read note* bob 2/15/1990 *read note </tbody> ok in cell...
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    How to match a cell value only if value is positive?

    Hello, What formula can I use to match B1 value with A1 only if A1 is positive? In other words: B1 equals A1 if A1>0 otherwise = 0 B2 equals A1 if A1<0 otherwise = 0 Thank you
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    help please with matching cells in a LOOP

    Hello Forum I am trying to loop through a doc. I want to test/match every item in the column against the first item, then loop and then test/match every item against the second item...and so on... and so on. I can successfully go through one column all the way to the end testing every item...
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    Need formula that links cell names with corresponding file name in folder

    I have an excel workbook which contains info on all credit notes we issue a month, the colunms are: Date, Credit Note No., Relating invoice, Amount, Reason and Account. I also have a folder (C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\Credit Notes) which contains all the credit notes in pdf format...
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    showing values in increasing order

    I am using =INDEX($A$1:$R$1,MATCH(MIN(A7:R7),A7:R7,0)) to find the minumum number in the array. How do I display the value one position greater? I need to order the numbers and titles in increasing order. also any way to ignore the 0 vakues in the cell in the MIN function?
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    Search for range for sumif

    This is a complicated SUMIF that I am struggling with, I am trying to search for the term "TOTAL" in a worksheet (e.g. E14, E25, E36, E41 all have TOTAL), that will then give me the addresses of all these cells as a range for another formula within the same cell. Using this range, I then want to...
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    Excel VBA find, match and append worksheet values?

    On May 11th, 2008, 06:38 PM, MrExcelMVP "Fazza" provided an excellent code in response to a request by "gravy679" titled "Match and replace cell from another sheet": Sub test() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim cel As Range For...
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    Insert Cells / match columns

    Is there a way i can automatically insert cells to match the columns contents. below is what I'm try to achieve. hope you can help!...

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