match date

  1. M

    Userform - Find Matching Date in column then send data? If data exists, error message?

    Hello everyone, I have a UserForm which allows staff to pick individual workers, choose a job, then enter a quantity. The script will find all matching names that were selected and then sends the quantity to the next open column in that row. The problem is if data is entered more than once a...
  2. I

    Find and count days matching particular weekday, particular month and particular year from within a list of random dates

    Hi, I have a random list of dates from multiple years in column A:A. I would like to count how many of those random dates are eg. Saturdays in November 2013 or Mondays in October 2012. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your time and help.
  3. S

    Date Comparison

    I need a formula that works for both two digit and 1 digit months. I add multiple records at a time, and the actual date can vary widely. I can use one formula and then make corrections, but would like something that works wither way. Thanks in advance! <tbody> Column BM Column BN...
  4. girapas

    Match a date to pick up data from another workbook

    That's correct: I've a book per month (say JAN2012, FEB2012 etc.). Each book has sheets, one for every workday (say day1, day2, day3 etc.) where I put data as follows: book: JAN2012 <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: #FFFFFF;border: 1px...
  5. C

    Lookup possibly?

    I have a spreadsheet with information about construction stages. See below for example: Weekly schedule: Nov-5 Nov-12 Nov-19 Nov 26 Job Start Base Job Start Base I have a long list of jobs and...
  6. J

    VBA - Matching Values Dilemma

    Hi everybody, I am trying to write a macro that goes through column C (data below), finds a matching date in column A, and then compares values B and D. If there is no corresponding date in column A, I need the macro to return that. If the values don't match, I need the macro to say so. The...

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