match sheet name

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    Insert Sheet Name for each cell in range

    Hello, I need help creating some code that will automatically fill in each row with the sheet name. I receive a workbook weekly, with about 50 different sheets of data I need to analyze. Doing this manually is very time consuming. Ex: Sheet1 is Named KEL01, i need KEL01 filled into every...
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    Copy WS to another WB IF names match...VB Code help

    Hello, Consider my Thread Cherry popped! :laugh: I'm relatively new to the whole VB thing but seem to have picked it up quite quick by using Record and reading these forums & manuals and generally messing with it until it does what I want it to, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for...
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    Copying ranges from three worksheets in each workbook to master

    Hello, I'm new to VBA and am reading "VBA and Macros for MS Office Excel 2007" and "Excel with VBA & .Net" but do not as yet know how to tackle the following: I have numerous workbooks in a directory that I want to combine into a master workbook but why I am posting is because I haven't read a...

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