match value from formula

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    Use conditional formatting to highlight different values between 2 pivot tables

    Hi there, I'm having trouble with creating a formula and hoping someone may be able to help me please:biggrin: I have 2 pivot tables. I want to compare the values in the 2nd table against the 1st table and highlight the differences. The layout of each pivot table is exactly the same; for...
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    Matching 2 values where one of the values is obtained using a formula

    I'm not sure why but when using this formula =IF(U2<>"", MATCH(U2,R:R, 0), "") to try and match a value that is typed into cell U2 with the same value that is obtained somewhere in column R with the formula =IF(M2<>"", SUMIF(C:C, C2,M:M ), "") doesn't work. It only matches the values if...

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