1. F

    Confidence Interval Trendline

    Hi All. New to the forum, so please be gentle. I have a bubble chart that I have a weighted trendline on. I'm not happy with how the line of best fit gives a misleading representation of the predictability of the data, hence I would like to replace this single line with a band of possible...
  2. P

    How can I justify my eagerness to learn mathematics to office people?

    Hi, Our office has a budget for trainings. But on one condition: It should improve/helpful/ or atleast useful to the current works we do on our team (VBA Development using Access/Excel). I know without the word 'Mathematics' there is no such word called 'Engineering' (all sort of). The problem...
  3. I

    Time Conversion/Fractions of a Second

    Hi guys and gals I got a possible tough question for ya. I'm doing calculations with lap time and race cars and need the fractions of a second. I got my time to work out with a format. (need the fractions of a second) But I'm doing calculations in formulas that require ^2 and things...
  4. R

    Autofill Mathematics Algorithm??

    Hi all I am trying to find out whether it is capable in MS Excel to write an algorithm or some sort of VBA code whereby excel will fill in the "blanks" of a formula to give pre-determined results. Let me try to explain myself more clearly. Say for example I had 2 equations. Equation #1: (a +...
  5. A

    Mathematical problem-ROUND function doesn't help

    I have an annual sales target of no. of units to be sold which is to be divided quarterly. My historical sales data gives me the ratios in which the annual target is to be divided into quarters, the ratios are 0.17, 0.23, 0.3 and 0.3 respectively for Q1,Q2,Q3 and Q4. When I divide the target...
  6. S

    Complicated(?) Cross Sum function

    Hi All, Does anyone know a formula for the following problem (I have up to 120 iterations to do and the thought of typing them all out makes me want to quit) I have a response curve and a number of volumes and want to sum up the value of the responses e.g.: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 333pt...
  7. O

    Need HELP........

    I am working on a project that involves trackable keypunching for a designated time frame. I need a formula that will give me the average time spent on a certain task. Here's what I have: 1. Number of "batches" completed 2. Number of pages within a single batch 3. Time spent on each batch...
  8. L

    Excel trivia or math challenge?

    In Excel 2007 there are XFD # of columns. My 7th grade computer apps class and I are trying to figure out how many that is? We think if it was ZZZ it would be 27 to the 3rd power, is that even right. Or would AZZ be 27 to the 3rd power? If you know and wouldn't mind explaining the math to us...
  9. P

    Help with formula to extrapolate population characteristics to different demographic set

    Here is my basic flow: State Population State Electorate County Population County Electorate M 45% 42% 40% ? F 55% 58% 60% ? Here is the question I am trying to...
  10. J

    Complex Erlang maths and formulae.

    Hi there, I am doing mathematics that is just extending me a bit too far. I have an excel spreadsheet that is trying to calculate the hold times for a helpdesk. This is the spreadsheet to download This is the formulae that...
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