matrix vlookup

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    Excel: Search for and return values in a data range without an empty cell?

    Not sure how to properly explain this. I have a table of food items only some of which will be ordered. In a separate tab I want to list out only those items that need to be ordered with the order quantity. For example here is a data set: <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col...
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    VBA Copy & Reference from Sheets & Create Matrix

    Hi All, Just needing some help creating a matrix on one of my sheets, I have 3 sheets with different sets of data on them which will then be used to create a matrix style view, please note that the data in worksheets (Checklist, Server_Listing & Exceptions) will be dynamic and new data will be...
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    Lookup based on criteria in named range, then concatenate results

    we have an interesting formula to figure out. First, we count the following, where MYDATE needs to fall between the two dates. REGISTER.DT and EXIT.DT are both named ranges A:A and B:B, MYDATE is a named range that points at C1 =SUMPRODUCT(--(REGISTER.DT<=MYDATE)*(EXIT.DT>=MYDATE)) Now for...
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    Matrix Table Lookups?

    Hi guys, I've been stumped on how to do this! I need excel to be able to populate that Points field automatically depending on what the start and end cycles are. Is there some sort of VLookup formula that you could use? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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