maximum if statements

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    Cumulative max with IF AND statements

    I need help with creating the correct formula for the Employer Matching column (Column G). The employer matching formula is the lesser of 50% up to 6% of Gross Wages OR a maximum of $8,400 (which is 3% of $280,000). Once Gross Wages reach $280,000, the employer match will no longer accrue. Also...
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    Array Function to Return Name of Largest Value in a Range

    I'm working on an array formula to return the name of the value with the largest value in a range. In column A, I have the cities names and in column B I have the pouplations that correspond to the city name. I can do an if formula such as =IF(B3=MAX($B$2:$B$44),A3,"") and that will provide...
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    excel error

    I am using a max function to find the max of an array found by multiplying two conditions to arrive at a single array: =MAX((Data!$B$3:$B$202=Analysis!$B4)*(Data!F$3:F$202)) where the first condition is used as a true false (1 or 0) to only count the following condition when it is met. It...
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    MaxIf Function

    I would like to write a formula that looks at the last month with a percent value greater than zero, then return the percent value in a specific cell. In the example below I want to display 85.0% in the cell. It should update each time data is entered for the following month. Here is the...
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    IF Statements How can I shorten this formula

    I have been trying to create a spreadsheet that will look up references in in multiple tables in the worrkbook. I have come to a problem with IF statements. I have reached the maximum IF's I can use, however I need to reference three more tables, as well as it needs to differentiate between...

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