1. I

    Checking a number of measurements against constantly changing high and low tolerences.

    In my work I take around 100 different measurements. Each measurement has it's own spec for high and low tolerance. For example measurement #1 can be between 0 and 1. Measurement #4 could be between 0 and 1.5 and so on. I use conditional formatting to highlight the measurements that are...
  2. S

    Filter multiple values for one date

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and have a few questions. For a school assignment I have to make an automated report in word using VBA and excel but I have a problem filtering the data. The file exists of 3 sheets: - control (date selection and button to generate word report) - data...
  3. K

    formula or macro to analyze dimensions

    Can any one help me with a formula or macro to analyze dimensions? My column has many sizes listed, but I need to change it or mark in another column that it's too big fit in my area of 12.375x18.375. For instance, I have these sizes below, they would be marked too big cause they don't...
  4. C

    Converting recipe measures to compound results (Cups, Tablespoons, Teaspoons)

    I have a question that I am not sure can be described proper (From my viewpoint) to make sense for an answer; however, I will give it a try: I have an issue with a new family venture that is calling for a simplified method to scale up recipes for use, and I wish to remove as much human error as...
  5. A

    Clone worksheets, date/time functions (and God knows what else)

    Hello from Greece. A new, small project has started. A good and loyal colleague needs help with data entry of measurements. Let's start from the begining. Introduction Since the first of the year, the colleagues from a neighboring department take measurements from a number of pieces of...
  6. D

    Incrementing cell in sheet references

    Hi all, I"m looking for some assistance in referencing cells in another sheet. I have inherited a workbook that has a sheet ('original') of approximately 60 measurements in 3 different columns (C, F, H). I would like to be able to create a new sheet which lists these measurements in one...
  7. S

    general question about measuring text inside comment boxes...

    In Word, you can the ruler to see measurements of tabs, indents & spacing. I know that the comment boxes in Excel do not have that capability. However, I'm fairly certain I have seen VBA code that does show measurements like this within comment boxes. Is there a "reveal codes" for text in...
  8. R

    Rolling Average and Standard deviation over a range of days

    Hello, My goal is to find the coefficient of variation for eight days of measurements previous so I need to find the average and standard deviation. In my spreadsheet I have the date of the measurements from oldest to newest in column A and I have the measurements in column B. What makes it...
  9. D

    Complex Find and Convert

    Hello, I am currently trying to devise a way (using excel and vba), that whenever a number is entered followed by a string of text typically a imperial measurement abbreviation ("in", "ft", "Yrd"), The number is converted to a metric equivalent and the abbreviation is deleted. Here is a...
  10. W

    Percent Less Than Value

    I work at a stainless steel fab shop that deals with laser and waterjet cutting. We are trying to get the best possible tolerances for our customers, but I'm not the brightest when it comes to excel. We measure our parts, then record how far off the actual tolerance is from the theoretical...
  11. B

    Next number in Sequence or correlation between 3 sets of sequences

    I'm looking for a formula to find the correlation from one number to the next and also the next number in the sequence. The formula should be for each independent column. Additionally, the three columns values are from one entity just three different measurements. <style...
  12. J

    Question regarding importing "lbs" in a column

    How do I import "lbs" into a column of weight measurements. For example "145" I want to show "145lbs."

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