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    How to changes from AVERAGEIFS to Median

    I am currently using this formula to find average data with a few parameters. I need to change it to median though. Any thoughts? =Iferror(averageifs('Data_Sheet_1'!$G$2:$G,'Data_Sheet_1'!$B$2:$B,$A$2,'Data_Sheet_1'!$E$2:$E,B$1),"No one in band")
  2. S

    Need help w/multiconditional MEDIANIFS and AVERAGEIFS

    Hello all- Struggling with multiconditional statements trying to find a median and average. Even trying to calc with just one condition isn't giving the right answer. Folks here just helped me with a COUNTIF (thanks again!) and now I'm trying to take the next step but flailing... Trying to find...
  3. V

    Median in Pivot Table

    Can I calculate medians in a Pivot Table?. I been trying for days but nothing. Please let me know if I can not to stow trying. Thanks

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