1. C

    Missing menu

    Ok Something happened to my excel over the weekend while I was not at home. If I just double click any excel file the menus are missing but if I open Excel first and choose the file all the menus are there. I cannot figure out how to add the pictures I took of the screen so I can show you...
  2. B

    Google Sheets Script: Global Triggers for onOpen and onEdit

    Hi, I am trying to accomplish two goals and would appreciate any advice: Goal 1 When my Google sheet is opened, and every time it is opened, I would like the contents of Cell A2 to be cleared -- so that it has no text in it left over from the last time the sheet was used. I also have several...
  3. K

    Use Clipboard in MS Access with Allow Full Menus Disabled

    Hi, Is there any way to turn on the Clipboard in Microsoft Access when Allow Full Menus is unchecked? There are instances where users copies bits of information from Excel and needs to paste it into fields on a continuous form in Access. However, they are unable to because the allow full menu...
  4. kelly mort

    Disable all controls and menus except the "close", "minimize" and "maximize"

    So I have been digging the web for a while now and I can't find the best way to handle the above challenge yet. Can it be possible to disable all the menus except the control box items as indicated in the header of this thread? Regards
  5. R

    cells selection vba

    hi Guys Please find my drop box link When sanction letter is selected, sheet sanction letter is opened and cell A2 is activated.Same applies for other menus Today's date is inserted in A2,SL inserted in B2 ,002 is inserted...
  6. R

    rollover menu excel vba

    hi guys i have the following link I have tried to modify the existing file but it is not working. Infact there are four menus(Collateral Unit,Documentation, Filter, Extract). When the collateral menu is selected , the sub menu...
  7. R

    Sorting Data in Dropdown Menus

    Hello. I’m trying to create a sorting table in excel using drop down menus. For example, column A has a list of college programs. Column B has a list of states and column C has a list of colleges. If I select Master’s Program in Column A for example, it will only give me a partial list of the...
  8. L

    Custom UI Ribbon Editor - If Then Else - Is it possible?

    I would like to show one set of Excel Ribbon Menus for the condition of : Filename = Ribedit Condition1.xls and a different set of Excel Menus for the condition of : Filename = Ribedit Condition2.xls Is it possible to accomplish this in the XML code? If not - any other thoughts would be...
  9. L

    VBA Code to Disable or make Not Visible Excel Menus

    Been trying to figure this out for a couple of days now - Just need to either disable or make not visible most of the Standard Excel Menus (Insert,Draw,Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review,View, Developer) when the Workbook becomes Active and then put them back on close or deactive Thanks in...
  10. A

    Drop Down Menus

    Hi everyone, My boss wants me to make an order form in Excel. I have the drop-down menus all in place, but one of the menus has a selection that must default another menu to a specific selection. E.G: We offer wood furniture and one of the stain colours is only available in cedar, so if a...
  11. J

    Sharing Custom Menus

    I am building a custom menu in VBA. This process pulls data from a SQL DB, which takes some time and a connection for each item in the menu. Now I need to have this same menu on each open Excel workbook so the user has access to it no matter which workbook they are on. The more workbooks that...
  12. F

    Drop down menu for PC - viewing

    Hi Everyone, I heard of Mr Excel on a Excel Podcast as I was exploring options to learn the program. I am a novice so please be gentle! We have just upgraded to 2016 (exciting). On a PC we have found that the Drop Down Menus we have created are limited to the Cell Size/Width but on a Mac you...
  13. J

    Excel 2010 addin with menus not working in Excel 2013

    The addin I used in 2010 to access my macros via menu commands is not working in Excel 2013. I've read several posts that say its because the Analysis Tool Pack should load last, but I don't use the ATP, the only addin I have loading is mine. I've also read posts that say Excel 2013 uses SDI...
  14. O

    Excel (Office for Mac2011)- all menus greyed out

    Hi Have been running Excel for Mac 2011 for years now. Just this week all my Excel menus were greyed out (not so for Powerpoint or Word). Have uninstalled (completely based upon instructions obtained from Microsoft website) and reinstalled. Still makes no difference. Any ideas why this is...
  15. M

    Hiding certain rows based on an identifier

    Hello I am trying to automate a task and there are a couple layers. I will try and walk you through it...let me know anything is unclear: I have a summary tab with columns each column has a unique number in the 2th row. The number of columns can vary, but the row of the indentifier never...
  16. J

    Menus Create Another Sub Menu

    I have the following code which adds a Menu based on data in a spreadsheet, can any one help me with an additional code which will add in another POPUP menu level, I want the popup menus to extend from level 3, so there isn't just one popup menu but a popup menu of the popup menu. Sorry if...
  17. E

    Disabling menus etc in Excel 2007

    In Excel 2003 I had a number of standard macros that diabled the standard toolbars when a workbook was opened/activated and then restored them when it was closed/deactivated. Is there an equivalent capability in Excel 2007? I have a worbook in which I have disabled the Save,SaveAs, Close...
  18. N

    Combo box help??

    I am wanting to design a "Front End" for a project I am currently working on. This "Front End" is to direct the user to particular tabs, files etc (probably using hyperlinks). I would like to design this page to be similar to using Microsoft Windows, for example, you would click on "Start", a...
  19. R

    Hiding all tool bars/Menus in Excel

    Can any one please let me know how I can hide all the tool bars/ Menus in Excel, except the one I created for myself. The tool bars must remain hide untill I close this workbook.

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