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    Macros to append/merge records

    Hi - Fig. 1 below shows what I am trying create in Excel using a marcos. Rows that are populated in Columns A-D are primary records. Rows populated in Columns E-H are the secondary records appended to the primary. A row/space is added under the primary records starting with the 2nd secondary...
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    Comparing two lists to find missing fields or duplicates

    Hi, i have a two list of say phone types which i want to merge into 1 list. in 2003 is there any formula i can use to highlight phone types that appear in the two lists?
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    'Merging' 10 Workbooks - HELP

    I have 10 Excel Shared Workbooks, all in the same format, but with different result information. Each workbook has 16K rows of information, the basic information is the same. For reporting purposes I thought I could just 'merge' the workbooks into a master report so that I could monitor the...
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    VB Code to merge records by groups

    I am very basic in VB coding so appreciate if you can provide more details I have a table with records with a group ID. So a group ID can have more than 1 records. I want to merge these records in 1 row such that other values of the records are combined in one row only. Example of table T1...

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