merging cell values

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    merging data from one excel doc into another excel doc

    Hello, I have 2 excel documents with the following structure: Doc 1: Column A(ID), Column B(empty) 2 1 3 1 2 Doc 2: Column A(ID), Column B(data) 1 , data1 2 , data2 3 , data3 What I'm attempting to do is take the data from Column B in Doc2...
  2. J

    Merging Multiple Cells Into One Cell Based on Parameters

    Hi guys, I've crawled a website and each product has numerous URL versions (due to different URL structures). See examples below:
  3. T

    Merging cells and retaining data

    <tbody> <tbody> post_title </tbody> <tbody> post_excerpt </tbody> <tbody> post_status </tbody> <tbody> visibility </tbody> <tbody> stock_status </tbody> <tbody> regular_price </tbody> <tbody> tax:product_cat </tbody> <tbody> attribute: pa_model </tbody> <tbody>...
  4. D

    Something like concatenation

    I have a list of stock symbols (many hundreds) indexed in row A:A of an Excel worksheet, eg: AQT BSI CMXO DOD ESTA I need to merge the list into one cell with a comma (without any space) between the tickers, eg. AQT,BSI,CMXO,DOD,ESTA Any help would be appreciated.

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