merging rows

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    Userform with macro to fill manual PO details

    Mr Excel, Pls help me. I am makimg a userform that fills all manual sales bill details into the form. it is working fine all controls are precise. But i overlooked one fact ,one bill can have upto 20 items with different unit price. i dunno how to incorporate these onto the worksheet under one...
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    Merging rows according to ID and date/time period

    Hey. I'm working with a very large dataset for a campus health center, where the same individuals came in over the course of several years and completed the same 3 surveys each time. I'm using Excel 2010 on Windows 7. Basically I need the three variables' data merged into one row associated...
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    Consolidating Consecutive Date Rows

    Hi All, I am working with an excel file that shows daily whether an individual is checked into a shelter. The dates are often consecutive. I am trying to merge rows to reflect a true length of stay, not daily. here is what my data looks like: First Last SSN DOB Entry Date Exit Date...

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