1. tamrob23

    SUM or IF formula for replacement?

    I'm stuck in my own head - hopefully you can get me out: I have a budget of $1.6 million dollars, but the state is doing a $2 million dollar budget. Can you please help me with a formula that will show the $1.6M replaced with $2M? Thank you so much in advance and if I need to provide you with...
  2. J

    Download over 1 million rows from

    I am trying to download data from the file contains more than 1.2 million rows, used power query download web option but get error message all the time. Below is the link, I am using excel 2013. Can someone help me...
  3. M

    Which histogram formula is correct?

    Poking around on the web I find various formulas for creating histograms. I'm getting different results for each formula and I want to know which one is accurate. I have a table of purchase orders and I want to get the distribution of how many POs are in various dollar ranges (e.g. how many...
  4. rhino4eva

    Email help.... probably asked before

    Sub Email() Application.Dialogs(xlDialogSendMail).Show End Sub so I have found the emal icon and put it on the ribbon.Even managed to record it in a macro. The Million dollar question can I get the TO option to fill from Cell A on SHEET1(which is email address)
  5. R

    Stacked Bar Chart Comparison

    Sorry, not sure how to word exactly what I'm looking for, and Google has not returned what I need. I have a data set with results from 3 divisions (A,B,C). I'd like to create a bar chart the stacks quarterly results from A and B and displays them next to C. i.e. in Quarter 1 A had $40 million...
  6. R

    Double Spacing

    Hi there, i have a relatively simple question. I would like a set of data to be double-spaced. There are two columns of data. Here is what the data looks like now: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 etc. And here is what i want it to look like: 1 . 2 3 . 4 5 . 6 7 . 8 (I had to put a "." to...
  7. B

    Revenue Share - Excel Question

    Hi - I am trying to create a formula to determine revenue share for a company I work with. The initial revenue share percentage is 5%. On a yearly basis, Company X will receive 5% of Company Y's revenue until a $12 million cumulative number is hit. Once $12 million is hit, the revenue share %...
  8. northwolves

    Coordinates of two endpoints of a line segment

    Any one knows how to use VBA to get the coordinates of two endpoints of a line segment in a worksheet? Million thanks.
  9. J

    Excel million rows; can't delete with delete+save method

    Hello guys, As I said in the title, I have a spreadsheet with a million unneeded rows and I cannot delete them with the select rows, delete rows, save spreadsheet method. What other methods are there?
  10. A

    Formula that calculates a tiered bonus

    I am looking for help figuring out a formula that will calculate the following: <tbody> Range Bonus (per million) $7 Million - $16 Million $5,000 $17 Million - $27 Million $2,500 $28 Million + $1,000 </tbody> Thank you!
  11. L

    custom formatting million

    Hi What is the code to format number like 1532000 to 1.53M I have been trying different once but no success. Thank you very much
  12. Z

    Way over my head -- is this possible?

    I'm trying to figure out a way to do the following, and forgive me if I'm posting something entirely too complicated. Sorry for any time wasted. But if you want to help.... Lets assume I have a potential pool of 500 employees. Each employee has a productivity score, and a salary. The total...
  13. countryfan_nt

    Running SQL and Excel faster into Pivot/Sheet (from multiple sheets).

    Hello friends, hope all is well! I learned a very cool trick! Now I can use PowerPivot to have mutli sheets/files with Identical Structure in one sheet/pivot (more than 5 million rows). the problem is that the code is too slow...
  14. C

    Text function for billions

    Hi all! I'm using =TEXT(S146,"0.0,,") & " million" to convert <tbody> £ 354,691,359 to 354.7 million but what do I use to change it to billions? Thank you Confuddled </tbody>
  15. J

    how can i eliminate blank rows that exist beyond the last non-bank row?

    my spreadsheet has more than a million blank rows after the last non-blank row. how can i eliminate those blank rows?
  16. P

    How to handle data with more than 4 million lines in excel

    Hello, Can somebody help me that what is the best way to handle data with more than 4 million lines in excel other than keeping separate multiple worksheets ? Thanks, Punjabixlvba
  17. L

    List of Shortcuts

    Does Microsoft Excel offer a list for all shortcuts? I know there has to be about a million of them.:laugh:
  18. M


    Hi Mr. Excel. How can i use SpellNumber without Dollar. example i write 1600000-One Million, Six Hundred Thousand,Only
  19. M

    Any Way to have a Faster Calculating formulae then this one?

    I have the following array formulae repeated about 2.2 million times. Any other way to have it written to increase calculation time? =IF(E5:BB5="","",RANK(E5:BB5,$E5:$BB5,1)+COUNTIFS($E5:$BB5,$E5:$BB5,$BD$3:$DA$3,"<"&$BD$3:$DA$3)) Thank you!
  20. J

    pull numbers from text string. trim text

    My cell a96 contains "$82 Million Cash Value $51.4 Million" I need b96 to show 82000000 which I can do using =VALUE(TRIM(LEFT(A69,LEN(A69)-33)))*1000000 I also need c96 to show 51400000 But feel that may present problem if if cash value is less than 33 characters The numbers can change -...

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