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    Group By then Determine Minimums

    Hello! I have a couple files that contain purchase order numbers and the lines on each purchase order. I am looking to join in Access, first by PO number, then by line number. The problem with this is, on one sheet, the line number could be 1 and the other could be 4. However, they line numbers...
  2. P

    Consecutive Minimum Values?

    Hi all, I have found so many answers to my excel issues here in the past, but I feel I really have to ask this directly as I can't work it out. My work often involves looking at tables of 1 minute data for 24 hour periods and although I can easily process this down to relevant periods what I...
  3. L

    *MROUND, Minimums, and Maximums...oh my

    Does anyone know if it's possible to use the mround function subject to certain mins and maxes? Further, is there a way so that the sum of an mround column doesn't exceed a value? See the table below for some details: So can I: a) have the formula be constrained to be strictly less than the...

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