1. D

    Sum each row in a spilled range

    Hello all! I am trying to sum each row in a spilled range. I imagine I would have to use the MMULT function, but I can't figure it out. I kinda know how to sum each column so I've just tried to modify it to sum the rows instead but now luck. =MMULT($I$9#,SEQUENCE(COLUMNS($I$9),,,0)) Thanks...
  2. C

    Sum Multiple Row and Column with Condition

    Hey there, I have two sheets on hand, and need to sum the multiple results in condition at the third sheet. Are there anyone can tell me the formula that can achieve it? Thanks! Here's what I have: Sheet 1 Sheet 2 And here's what I want: Sheet 3
  3. C

    Check Row is in range

    Is there a way to check if the row is in the range, but does not need to be in the same order, just as long as its in the row. I have one that checks if the data if the is an exact match, but needs to all be in the same order =MAX(MMULT(--EXACT(A2:D2,$A$2:$D$5),{1;1;1;1}))=4 Example Row to...
  4. M

    Issue with TEXTJOIN, multiple criteria. IF/AND function

    Hi I am unsure how to attach an example workbook for my query. As you can see from the image above, I have Company, which has two data sets associated with it - Product and Category. I am looking to allow someone to input the product and category then be given a , separated 'list' of...
  5. G

    VVA MMult question

    In excel Im using the following array formula in cells D13:D15 {=MMULT(B8:D10,B13:B15)*B13:B15}, and i want to be able to replicate with VBA. So far i think i have been able to get the first part ok with: Cont = Application.WorksheetFunction.MMult(Range1, Range2) How do i then multiple this...
  6. S

    Static mechanics beam question solved using set of 4 simultaneous equation arrays

    Hi All, this is my first post in this forum so i hope im doing it correctly, please let me know if not. I'm solving a static calculation that resolves into 4 simultaneous equations. The static beam is shown here: I've derived 4 equations from this beam and they are shown below: FCz + FDz =...
  7. James_Latimer

    MMULT in VBA - 1004 error

    Excel 2016 I was hoping someone could give me some pointers please, i'm having some issues with the following and can't quite understand why. I have the following code Dim var1 as Variant, var2 as Variant var1 = Sheets("Sheet1").Range("R16:AC16") var2 = Sheets("Sheet2").Range("P4:P15")...
  8. M

    Formula to calculate age ranges

    Hello, Looking to calculate age ranges of people in an excel list, but it should only count the non-duplicated names. So for the example below, it should only count "Same Person" and "Other Same Person" once so that it does not give me a false record of people in that age range. I would like...
  9. C

    Matrix type calculation for PowerPivot

    Good afternoon, I am trying to do a tricky little calculation. It requires filtering values from the current table, and multiplying them by values in another table through a matrix type process. The original formula in Excel uses MMULT. I've tried several things, but nothing accomplishes what I...
  10. J

    Mmult filter

    All, I have the following array formula which is working well {=MIN(MMULT(IF($G12:J61="",10^10,$G12:J61),TRANSPOSE(COLUMN($G$1:J$1))^0))} Until I try to add a filter to it... {=MIN(MMULT(IF(OR($F$12:$F$61>COLUMN(A1),$G12:I61=""),10^10,$G12:I61),TRANSPOSE(COLUMN($G$1:I$1))^0))} My goal is to...
  11. L

    Runtime error 1004 on MMULT in VBA

    Hi, Encountering this error on MMULT in VBA - would anyone be able to help me review and point out my mistakes please? Runtime error 1004: Application-defined or object-defined error Here's part of the code (pardon the clumsiness): Range("B7").Select CriteriaCount = Range(Selection...
  12. P

    Lookup Value in an Array

    Hello All, need assistance here... a real brain buster for me. Using the array below, how would I create a formula that finds and returns a cell or column reference? i.e. via a formula, I want to find the column which contains "Andy" and "124" (there may be duplicate values in the array)...
  13. P


    Hello there, I have used MMULT to create an array of values visible in the formula bar when I hit F9. I want to sum only the rows within these values and be able to see said sum (separated by semi-colons) in the formula bar when I hit F9. I want to be able to continue to apply further...
  14. J

    lookup 2,1/ over an array of values

    i have the following formula in the formula i am trying to find the last time a value showed LOOKUP(2,1/('MAIN DATA'!$BT$20:$BV$4000=A11),'MAIN DATA'!$A$20:$A$4000)) max index of bt:bt=a11 bu:bu=a11 bv:bv=a11 for some reason, it is not calculating right i think i need to use mmulti...
  15. M

    HELP needed with VBA MMULT

    Hi guys, I'm a total newbie and am trying to use mmult in VBA.. All i want to do is multiply 2 matrices (3x3 and 3x1), so that I can use that matrix for more complicated calculations. Need help on a UDF that returns the final result as a matrix (i.e. 3x1 matrix) Function matt() Dim P(1 To 3...
  16. N

    MMULT explanation plz

    I just read something posted by "C M" wherein he used SUMPRODUCT along with MMULT. I read all the samples I could find on the web about MMULT but just more confused than ever. Using the simple examples like the ones in Excel help, i see the results but, even with the (terse) explanation, I do...

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