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    specify gap size using Randbetween function

    How can RANDBETWEEN(1,850) be modified to select numbers <+8 or >-8 of the previous selection? Thanks, White Top
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    How to extract numbers from text with specified and unique conditions

    <quote> I was curious if someone could tell me how to change this formula and add some properties. Such as: To ignore number strings lead by zeros, if an x is directly behind a + = - its counted as a 1 is extrated (or in the case of the - a -1), and if a - is directly in front of a number...
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    Help! I am getting "you've entered too many arguments for this function- any ideas??

    Help. I am getting "you've entered too many arguments for this function". Does anyone know how to add more? I am trying to use: =IF(C5<1000001,C15,IF(C5<2000001,C17,IF(C5<3000001,C18,C19,C20,C21))) for the $1.5M , $4M & $5M option but it won't let me add C16, C20 & C21 for column one...
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    change the formula as it give all space after dot .

    if i run this formula i need the output with out space after dot , if input is without space, if there is space after dot in input ,then out put is with space after dot. need to change the formula as it give all space after dot . =UPPER(MID(TRIM(SUBSTITUTE(A1,".","...
  5. K

    Adding to existing formula

    I am trying to get user input from an input box and add that value to an existing formula. So far, I have been able to get the user input to work but am not sure how to add it to the formula. Dim strnewassembly As String strnewassembly = InputBox("Please enter the Assembly Number you would...

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