month difference

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    Dynamically adding rows to a spreadsheet based on number of month difference between start date and end date

    Hello, I am working on a spreadsheet which has column A Start Date, column B End Date and column C Cost/Value. I need to distribute the cost across the number of months evently. Example" Column A | Column B | Column C 1-Jan-2014 31-Dec-2014 5000 2-Feb-2014 19-Feb-2014...
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    I need to improve a formula that distinguishes between <=5 months, and > 5 months.

    Users enter two dates. The formula needs to determine the number of months beginning with the first date and ending with the second. 5 months or less should return a "S". Greater than 5 months should return a "L". <tbody> Start Date (A1) End Date (B1) S or L (C1) 10/09/2013 03/08/2014 L...
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    Month difference

    Hello Friends Could anyone please tell how to calculate number of months' difference between today and some other date in SQL (on MS Access)? The date column has date in the format as shown here "2008-01-23 22:51:52". I need to calculate number of months between Today and this date. Any...

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