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    Morefunc Indirect.ext Pull Alternative - Faster and More Reliable

    I am currently searching for an alternative to 'MoreFunc' to pull data in from other CLOSED worksheets. Morefunc is very slow and often crashes and needs re-instating. I was wondering if anyone could help! The master document references multiple sub-documents to draw the data in. The...
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    MoreFunc Installation Error

    I am trying to install MoreFunc on my computer, but during setup the program keeps popping up a not valid screen in the select program folder. Is there something wrong with the computer? I have used the link provided on the recommended add-ins thread. I have attached a snippet, which hopefully...
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    IF statement that returns a formula

    Hi, Can an if statement return a formula (e.g. =IF(A1=1,C1+D1,0))

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