1. J

    Mousedown event for frame control does not always fire

    Hoping someone can help with this - I am trying to develop a class for userform textbox validation using events. I would like to prevent the user from exiting the textbox if the textbox text is not valid (such as blank or non-numeric value, etc.) for whatever reason. This would normally be done...
  2. M

    Excel for Mac 2016 right click mousedown mouseup events

    I have recently migrated an Excel macro driven time recording application from Winodws to Mac. I have overcome most of the differences in the vba macro language and Mac subtleties, but am left with one small frustration. On my main userform I have a listbox. In the Windows version I was able...
  3. L

    Problem with Chart MouseUp Event

    Hello, For some reason I can't get the Ch_MouseUp event to fire. I'm using a modified version of some code Andrew Poulsom provided to another user to display labels when the mouse is clicked down and then have them not visible when the mouse button is released. However, I have it working so...
  4. C

    How to Extract Graph Data information using Chart Events?

    I have a Volume vs. Area plot. Here is the format of the worksheet length | width | depth | Area | Volume I would like to use chart events (Mouse Up event) to get me information about not only area and volume but also l, w, and d. I know that following code give me info about x and y (i.e...

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