move cells by value

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    string move from down cell to up beside exiting cell sting without change

    Hi All string move from down cell to up beside exiting cell sting without change <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 23624718, 23624719, 23624720, 23624721, 23624722, I need like thsi </tbody> <tbody> 23624718,23624719,23624720,23624721,23624722 Thank you All </tbody>
  2. S

    Moving rows automatically based on cell value

    Hi, I want a macro to move a row based on the cell value into a specific sheets. I have two questions and would really appreciate your help. Especially the second is important. 1. If status is "Ready for Repair" move to Sheet "Repair" and so on... The following macro is working but I would...
  3. J

    VBA move character to next column

    I want to write a code that If column A contains REG then move it over to column B and remove it from A. For example before a1 b1 tsf-REG after a1 b1 tsf REG How can I write code for this kind of purpose?
  4. G

    How can I shift all cells right based on a cell value?

    I am looking for a way to shift all the cells in a row to the right based on the value in one of the cells in that row as my manually created sample below shows. In this example, I want to shift the cells right based on the value in column A. Original Spreadsheet:- <tbody> A B C D 1 0 111111...
  5. M

    Moving a row to another sheet when a date is entered

    Hi, I'm trying to get a code to automatically move a row to another sheet when a date is entered. This is very new to me but I've been searching for days and have some kind of code that is bringing up a run-time error '1004'. This also highlights the Set rngTrigger line. Hopefully someone can...
  6. E

    Need Edit Help: Macro is leaving blank row behind after moving row to another tab.

    Hello all, I found a macro to move a row to another tab in same workbook based upon whether there was a particular value. I edited the sheet names and then cell reference range to a column in my workbook. The macro did move the correct rows to the second tab, however, it left behind blank rows...
  7. W

    Compare Cells then move them

    I have 2 sheets with receipt numbers on them. What I want to do is run a macro that will search the first sheet to see if any of the numbers on the second sheet match and then will take the cells that match and copy them below the one they matched. For example In the data below, if a receipt...
  8. B

    a complex solution to help mindless work

    on a daily basis I have lots of data that needs to be separated into various tabs. Example data below: <tbody> 1 a 3 f FEF 2 a 4 f DFG 3 a 5 f RET 4 a 3 f FGH 5 a 7 f ERT 6 a 3 f DFG 7 a 4 f ERT 8 a 3 f DFG 9 a 6 f DFG 10 a 3 f ERTY </tbody> Based on the contents of the...
  9. L

    VBA_Move and Delete a cell with condition

    Dear Mr. Excel, I have a masterlist file with over 1k row and on the column E I have a employment status which has data list as "Active" and "Inactive" so I need you to help me as I know nothing with VBA. I need to move rows that contain "Inactive" to another sheet and then that row will...
  10. M

    Shift cells right function

    Hi, I'm trying to shift cells right depending on a value i enter into another cell. For eg. Currently I have: A B C D E F 1 2 3 4 5 6 I would then like to be able to have another row below which would shift the values right appropriately: Eg. if I enter 6 in a nearby cell A B C D E F G H...
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    move cells data

    Hi everyone, I have tables like shown below. The table consists of summary data in one row followed by the details below the row. Can anybody help to write a macro to move the details data to the cells as shown and delete the blank rows. Thank you
  12. P

    A trivial macro that recursively moves cells in a row.

    It is a trivial problem but I am so newie, sorry.. The Idea is that recursively with a for check the value of a columm if the value is "I" then I should cut some consecutive cells from that row and paste them in the same row but with some cells displacement... it is pretty much a selective copy...
  13. R

    Move a cell based on value

    I have a list of data in a column the includes numbers and text, I want to move the numbers greater than 22000 to the left column (A) Example Data in Column B <table style="width: 65pt; border-collapse: collapse;" x:str="" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="87"><colgroup><col...

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