move cells

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    Move variable length ranges to new WS based on a substring

    I imported a very large flat file dump (187K line) and want to move ranges of cells to a new worksheet if a cell in the range contains a specific sub-string. These strings can appear multiple times in the file dump as well as multiple times within a range/block. So whenever the string appears in...
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    move cells where data on top of column.

    Hi guys, I am trying to move cells on the Product ID cells. <tbody> HEIN4 MC Product ID Prdouct Group 426 3 59 3 68 3 78 3 72 3 </tbody> Here is the example of data and I would like to move HEIN4 move down 5 and go left 2. Then Move MC 3 down and...
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    Moving data from one cell to another

    Hi, I am trying to create a macro that will select data cut it and paste it one cell up and one cell to the right. To select the data i am using a filter, i do not know if there is a better way please help here is what i have so far The offset gives me the error compile error argument not...
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    Extracting cells containing certain characters

    I have a lot of data in cells but I am really only interested in certain cells. I want to extract the cell in each row which contains a "-" (there is one in each row) and move them into a column of their own. The entries containing the "-" are not adjacent which makes it tricky to move all of...
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    Move data from rows to columns macro

    Hello, I have approximately 350000 rows of the following data in one column: >data1 result1 >data2 result2 >data3 result3 The data does actually start with ">". I would like this to look like in two columns: >data1 result1 >data2 result2 >data3 result3 etc 350000 rows is apparently a...
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    move cell macro

    Hello, Here's a task I want to automate. This is a macro I did with the macro recorder to move the contents of a cell to the cell next to it. movemacro Selection.Cut Destination:=ActiveCell.Offset(0,1).Range("A1") ActiveCell.Offset(0,1).Range("A1").Select Now, using Ctrl select to select...
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    Move cells using macros

    Hi In A1 I have a project code, and in B1 I have the Project Name. In the subsequent rows, I have 5 cells that I need to move up next to the project code and name. This format is throughout the spreadsheet, however the number of rows following the project details varies. Folowing each...

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