1. H

    Column for subtraction of grand totals in pivot table - power query useful here?

    Hi, I have a table of data that I turned into a pivot table. Here is an example of more or less the data I'm working with: <tbody> Date Type of movement Product A In Product A Out Unit Cost Unit Cost Client Selling Price Product A in Stock 10/11/19 A 20 3 100 10/3/19 B 10 2 Client...
  2. 6

    do an *action* when any key or mouse movement is detected

    Is it possible in VBA to detect a system wide key or mouse movement? I need to trigger an *action* when any key or mouse movement is detected system (Windows) wide
  3. D

    Net movement between categories

    Hi All, I am tracking movement of members between categories, "Affiliate", "Fellow" etc. Members can move both ways between these categories, e.g. from Affiliate to Fellow, and from Fellow to Affiliate. (Note, if that sounds odd, its just an illustration). Does anyone have any ideas on how I...
  4. B

    Doble condition

    Hi! I've a problem in DAX I can't solve. Perhaps you could help me... In an stock movement table, i have the next columns: Date-time, Product id, Movement id, Order id and Stock. The final stock value for each product is the number that appears in the column "Stock" in the last date-time and...
  5. M

    Excel 2016 - movement

    Hi, I just got excel 2016, and notice the difference in movement when a cell is highlighted. How do I change this back to the original? Just curious are there any major differences I should notice? Thanks!
  6. J

    Waterfall scale query

    Hi guys, I hope someone could help me on changing the scale of my waterfall as the movement is relative small comparing to the budget and actual. So I have budget number of £10K and the middle movements are in between £100K and £11K, if I want to show the movement in a bigger scale, how to...
  7. S

    Trying to get Excel to automatically navigate to next row and add timestamp after scanning

    So I'm trying to do 2 things, I'm scanning serial numbers into Excel and taking inventory. Cell A1 would be the serial number B1 is the date and C1 the time that would automatically populate on every scan. After Scan is done have the cursor automatically move to the next row (A2) waiting for the...
  8. Amosbroker

    CountIF When Looking at Other Data

    I am looking to count values if there is data present in other columns. I am creating a cohort trend and only want to count records for which both years have a value. See below, I do not want to count previous or current year category due to current value being unknown for red record. How do...
  9. T

    Need formula to find a value and then track its movement?

    Hi, I would like to track the movement of specific student in column B and use her value in column c, and track her updated movement in Column F, with the value in column G. Sorry if confusing, this may help: COLUMN B...............COLUMN C..........COLUMN F..........COLUMN G Lulu...
  10. V

    Cursor movement

    Hi all, Looking for vba that restrict mouse movement to specific cells only? planning on jumping the cursor after A3 and positioned in C1 then back to A1 actually input cells are A1:A3. A2 to A3 cursor move by pressing Enter. i have tried the name range. looking for vba. thanks
  11. A

    Image Rotation with mouse VBA Excel

    Okay first post in need of some help. I'm currently making a top down shooter in VBA but don't know how to make the player (An image) to rotate in accordance with the mouse like most top down shooters. Any help would be much appreciated .Thanks :)
  12. W

    Movement Graph

    Hi all, Just a quick query about drawing a graph. I would like to draw a movement graph, let's say from 8am in the morning to 8pm in the evening, everyday. The x-axis would be the position. let's say you move from step 4 to step 200 within 12 hours. The y-axis would be each individual...
  13. E

    Moving data from every second row accross one cell then up one cell

    Hi Guys, I had a bit of a search of the forum, but as you can imagine typing column and row into the search engine brings up a lot of threads. I have a spreadsheet that I'm going to use as a bit of a customer database, at the moment all the data is in column A. I need the following to...
  14. H

    Please Help :)

    Okay, so i am aware of what I wish to happen, but i do not know where to start in making it happen. I am creating a system in of which a user can input data into, (row of data, including item names, date, costs etc) Once this has been filled in on Sheet 1, a button could maybe trigger a...

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