1. S

    Lock progress chart to a specific cell

    Hi, I think this might be easy or just not possible. I am creating a training matrix for my company to drive competence and have started an excel document. The progress charts show progress and will help set targets. The problem I have is when I insert a new row, adjust size etc, all my...
  2. Jambi46n2

    Renaming Workbooks based on Cell Value with VBA

    The code below works with renaming workbooks, however it also moves them as well. Is there a way to modify the code to make a copy of the workbook instead of moving it? Thanks much in advance! Sub RenameTesting() Dim OldName1, NewName1 'Work books based on cell values below OldName1 =...
  3. G

    H-Lookup to be dynamic

    Hello All; I'm using; =IFERROR(HLOOKUP(B$32,$19:$30,11,FALSE),"") The problem is the lookup ID of Row 11. Row 11 is looking at the name of Sam. If this name, Sam, moves, the H-Lookup no longer works. I've cured this problem using VBA to make it more dynamic, as Sam moves, Sam is still...
  4. J

    Calculate smallest number of adjustments to get columns in correct order

    This is possibly more of a maths question than an Excel question, but I thought it was the sort of thing that someone on here may be able to answer... Say that I have a data extract from one system, and I need to change the order of the columns so that they eventually end up in the same order...
  5. S

    Excel VB Selection Simplification Question

    I am new to Excel VB and have managed to get my code to work, but it seems I could simplify it and also complete the next part of the project as part of the simplification. The part I have working is dragging the formulas in columns T through Y down to the next blank row on the sheets that need...
  6. D

    SUMIFS with variable sum range

    Hi I need a sumifs formula that has a dynamic sum range (it moves based on a criteria). Cheers
  7. G

    IF AND Formula Issue

    Good Afternoon, Minor issue with this IF AND Formula, I cannot get the results section to be more dynamic. As I copy the code down the page it stays Sheet4!B2/BFR!B2, but I need it to move to B3, etc. How would I go about that? The rest of the formula moves down correctly, just not the if...
  8. A

    Scroll Wrapping

    (Apologies, just joined - this question has been asked here before, but was not followed through) I have received a locked spreadsheet (from a source I wouldn't be able to query) that wraps both horizontally and vertically, when moving between cells using the arrow key. e.g. if the active...
  9. Trevor3007


    hi have some code in my spreadsheet, that formats a certain area whenever i enter data into any area within. However although it works, it selects and moves the cursor away from the area I am working at . Anyone have a solution? KR Trevor
  10. M

    Get cell reference

    Hi, There is probably an easy way to do this but I can't seem to figure this one out. How do I construct a formula to reference a cell, like "B10" so that the value returned in "B10". I want to the formula to change when the cell moves, for example if I add a column and "B10" moves to "C10...

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