moving row to new sheet

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    VBA- Move Row to Another Sheet Based on Text- Multiple Sheets

    Hello, Forgive me, this is my first time working with VBA. I have done my fair share of Googling but have not found a solution. I am trying to get my workbook to move an entire row of data from one sheet to another based on the text found in a column. I was able to figure this out- to an...
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    VBA for moving rows based on cell text

    Hi all. I have 2 columns of data. And I have plenty of workbooks to work with. Anyway... Column A has codes and Column B has links. Both of columns have headers. I can do this with conditional formatting but it would take me alot of time like that. What I need is this. To write somewhere...
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    I would appreciate some help, if someone has the time!- Moving rows to different worksheets.

    I would appreciate some help, if someone has the time! I have an excel workbook that has three different tabs, tab1= repairs tab2=completed repairs tab3= follow up; all tabs have the same column headings A:K. In column "K", I have a data validation to determine the status on the repair...
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    Moving entire row to new sheet when date is entered

    Hi there, I wonder if any one can help me. I want to move an entire row in spreadsheet A to the next empty line in Spreadsheet 2 if a date(any) is entered into column J. Can this be done?? Regards Foxylady

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