moving rows

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    Macro for moving rows

    Hi, I have a question about creating a macro. I have a document in which I keep my leads. The status of a lead can change. I have a dropdown menu with several options going from 0% up to 100% (meaning signed in) and also a option when the lead is not viable. What I would like to do is...
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    I have multiple rows of order data need to move daily to completed order tab

    I want to use column A if there is a number 1 in column A the order is complete and needs to be moved to the last empty row in the completed order tab. I just need a macro to move all completed orders once a day and clear the data that as been moved and move all other rows left to the top of the...
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    Macro for moving all rows down and the bottom row to the top and vice versa

    For example, if cells A1:C28 have data in them, then I want to move cells A1:C27 down one row and move cells A28:C28 back up to the top. I also want a separate macro that will move cells A2:C28 up one row and move cells A1:C1 down to the bottom. I need it to work for any amount of rows I have...
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    Moving rows from one sheet to another

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help. I have a workbook with many sheets. I'm trying to move rows with RESL in column D from Sheet 1 to the sheet named Plans. Rows with DIVS to the OPBD DIVS sheet. I would like the row to go to row 5 on the plans sheet. If there is more than one row to move...

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