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  1. B

    VBA SQL Query to SELECT data from MS ACCESS DB Stored on Sharepoint

    Hi Community - is there anyway i can use the following code to connect to a MS Access DB stored on sharepoint instead of my local machine or a shared drive? I ran into some issues with permissions, and found that this DB would need to be stored on sharepoint- any guidance? Public Sub...
  2. B

    VBA SQL Query w/WHERE Clause Condition = GetUserName() From MS ACCESS DB

    Hi Community, Hoping you can assist with helping me understand what i'm doing wrong with code I found from another post for querying an Microsoft Access Database to retrieve records WHERE a Column value = GetUserName(). When i run the code I either get an error, OR i don't get an error and it...
  3. R

    VBA to ms access query date not working

    Hi im hoping someone can help me with this because i am really struggling.. I am having issue with ".CommandText = Array( _ "SELECT * FROM Consolidated WHERE [Start Date]> '2019-01-01 00:00:00'")" it seems to be working fine if i do the criteria on brand or anything else.. however it...
  4. B

    VBA read min & max values per sheet range to set primary and secondary axis chart

    Hello I have an Access Db to export a query and create a chart based in worksheet ranges (B2 to last value down) and (C2 to last value down). My command button my code creates a chart with primary and secondary axes values. This is my code working well: Sub cmdTransfer_Click() Dim sExcelWB As...
  5. A

    Ms Access Sub Report Giving one record multi pal times

    Hi all I am new in this grout i have a query regarding the sub report. i have an parent report in which sub report is placed. when i manually open the parent report then sub report binds with one record in multi pal times like record 1 record 1 record 1 ..... , and when i manually open the...
  6. L

    Query Not returning all Reccords

    I have been hunting trying to find the solution an I have tracked down the problem to be with the joins in my query but it keeps returning syntax errors when I try to change it. I need the table classes to be the main table for the query. I need to see all of those records and I just want the...
  7. lokeshsu

    how to query 90 percent of data in access sql

    Hi all, i have a database which is getting updated 6000 records every day which calculates me the Turn around time. the data is given below Priorits SDate ODate Diff Emp Supervisor 1-ASAP 01-Nov-11 01-Nov-11 0.00 A,b team A 1-ASAP 02-Nov-11 01-Nov-11 0.00 b,a Team B 1-ASAP 04-Nov-11...
  8. T

    Calculation on Group

    I am preparing a report for occupancy based on room rate classification. We have three rate classifications, depending on long-term, short-term, or Penthouse: Tenant, Transient, or Penthouse. The first two may occupy the type of room, but the third is only in the condos. The "Building...
  9. R

    How to convert a ms access query to ms sql 2005 query

    <table width="100%" bgcolor="#ffffcc"> <tbody> <tr> <td><code></code> I have been using a ms access database with my online booking application. My host upgraded me to a 64 bit server and ms access do not for my app. anymore. I upgraded to MS SQL and now my ms access query will not...

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