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    Copy Command in Access 2013 VB Issues

    Hello. The following command in an older version of Access used to work: RetVal = Shell("cmd /c copy /y C:\users\abc\desktop\output.xls C:\users\abc\desktop\split files" & txtDist & ".xls", vbHide) Copy an output file from access which is working and then moves it to the split file folder and...
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    VBA SQL Query w/WHERE Clause Condition = GetUserName() From MS ACCESS DB

    Hi Community, Hoping you can assist with helping me understand what i'm doing wrong with code I found from another post for querying an Microsoft Access Database to retrieve records WHERE a Column value = GetUserName(). When i run the code I either get an error, OR i don't get an error and it...
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    MS Access required field event procedure if another field contains a certain value

    I am working on a split form in ms access. I would like my form to not add a record if the Sending_Category = Contractors or Salaries & Benefits, and the Sending_FTE is blank. I have tried this as an on click event for the "Add Record" Macro, and on the form as a before update event. My "add...
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    Is it true that you can’t open a recordset if the query is based on a control on an open form?

    For example, I’m trying to write: Dim rec1 As Recordset Set rec1 = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("MySchedulewXdept1") ‘This query (MySchedulewXdept1) is filtered based on the date that I have on another open form. I get a Run-time error '3061': Too few parameters. Expected 1. My main objective is...
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    Ms Access Sub Report Giving one record multi pal times

    Hi all I am new in this grout i have a query regarding the sub report. i have an parent report in which sub report is placed. when i manually open the parent report then sub report binds with one record in multi pal times like record 1 record 1 record 1 ..... , and when i manually open the...
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    MS Access sending e-mail

    Current process is selecting individuals manually to send e-mail. I'd like to use Access to somewhat automate the process to send static e-mail (except for date update) to different individuals. I have 4 tables set up: tblDate - contains calendar thru 12/31/2025 tblEmail - would contain...
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    Count Occurences of String in a Worksheet from MS Access

    Hi, I want to search occurences of string "zeeshan" in a range in MS Excel through VBA from MS Access button click. Below is my code ... I am getting compile error : "method or member not found". With this error below line gets selected wordCount =...
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    Field 'F1' doesn't exist in destination table "test" in ms access import text file

    Hi Guys, I have a written a code for a button in a form to import text files with the following field names in the text file. Title LastName Firstname Address City State Please see the below code and help me in finding the issue with the code. Private Sub...
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    Method or Data Member not Found

    Hi I have two functiions, Cheque() whic simple check the reorcd in the table , whic reports need to sent email, The 2nd function GenerateEmail() which giving me the error. "Method or Data Member not found. I though the reference library missing but I already added the following library...

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