ms word automation

  1. M

    Statutory Financial Reports (AASB)

    I am looking to streamline the preparation of the annual Stat accounts & notes to the financials. Currently, we export the TB and colour-code the GL’s into groups. I am looking to introduce mapping so that the notes to the financials are mapped to particular GL codes and the financial...
  2. ed.ayers315

    Code to link dynamic table to word document

    Hello users, I have about 60 dynamic tables to use in a word document that I need to update in word when the source excel file is changed. I have tried all the options in "Paste Special" none update when rows are added. THe contents of the original pasted cells update just fine. Is there a...
  3. F

    Instead of an Ordinary TextBox, I want an MS Word Box

    In addition to the standard controls one puts on userform, I have put on the controls for the WebBrowser and the Excel Spreadsheet. These work fine, but now I want to put on a control which is a small MS Word window instead of using a regular text box. My application creates a complex Word...

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